Alternative Buttonhole Ideas

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Happy Wedding Wednesday everyone! today on the blog we’re talking all things buttonholes. Buttonholes or boutonnieres can be a perfect touch to your wedding day, from tying the boys in with the rest of the wedding party, or to add a little more fun and quirkiness to your big day.

Whilst the traditional flower buttonhole will always be a sought-after classic. An alternative buttonhole will add a unique twist to the wedding, why not consider giving your groom one of these examples to jazz up his look? We’ve scoured the internet to find the best alternatives so you don’t have too. Hope you enjoy!


1&3. Nothing says “You’ve got the key to my heart” quite like a skeleton key buttonhole. Not only do they add a real sense of personality, they can also be engraved. Perfect for giving your hubsand-to-be a little message before the big day, or even as a ‘Thank You’ gift to a pageboy.

2. I think this buttonhole idea is a lovely way of sharing your special day with loved ones who are no longer with you. This example was taken from Martha Stewart weddings. The bride had a locket with her loved ones in and the groom had this matching buttonhole. A simply gorgeous way of ensuring your family are with you in spirit.

4. This example from the Etsy store, AlanaPhoenixandCo  is a beautiful alternative and a great way of adding your own special touches to the smaller details. For example, the sheet music could be the soundtrack to your first dance, or a song that is meaningful to you both. This design also comes in a huge variety of colours and sizes so the buttonholes can match your wedding theme perfectly.

5. Creating buttonholes from simple fabrics such as hessian and muslin are an inexpensive way of adding the finishing touches to a rustic theme. Especially if there’s quite a few guests needing buttonholes, there’s a lot of money to be saved as fresh flowers can end up being quite pricey. This example is a d.i.y project from ‘Diywedding’ and there’s a really simple tutorial to go along with it. Not only does the finished product look lovely, you’ll be thankful of the extra pennies you’ve saved in the long run.

6. With prices for laser cut badges starting from £6.50 on Etsy (store here) and being able to laser cut just about any object/animal you could possibly think of, It’s never been easier to brighten up a grooms suit. I love the idea of the stagheads as opposed to the traditional buttonholes.

7. This example is taken via a wedding article ‘here’. The couple specifically wanted their big day to be full of the things that they love and that’s how the scrabble buttonhole was created. I think it’s a really quirky way of adding your own personal touches to a buttonhole and I love the scrabble concept. It’s so simple to recreate and to write out your own message with the scrabble pieces would make for an exciting buttonhole!

8. For those that love superheroes, these action figure buttonholes are perfect! They add a geeky twist to the traditional buttonhole and are the ideal choice for couples looking for low budget ways of adding fun into their big day. Super easy to create yourself.

9. If your other half loves comics but you don’t fancy having a full blown comic book themed wedding, the buttonhole is definitely the more subtle option. This felt and button boutonniere comes in Superman inspired colours, but isn’t in-your-face comic themed, the right balance of wedding perfection and nerd. There was even a matching bridal bouquet over at

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