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Ceremony Seating

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Ceremony Seating Guide

Image Marion Botella Photography from one of our weddings at Bamburgh, Northumberland


One question we are always asked..
“where do my guests sit, which side is which?!”

As with any element of your wedding (apart from the legalities) there are no set rules! Traditionally, friends and family of the bride sit on one side, the groom’s on the other. However, it’s entirely up to you! It’s your wedding, your day, you make up the rules.

More and more of our couples are going for relaxed, informal style weddings. Having your ceremony seating open for your guests to sit where they would like to is the most popular choice for couples. After All, it’s about the two of you, your friends and family coming together so why not begin with your ceremony?

Regardless, you will normally find that your guests will leave the first couple of rows free when they begin to take their seats to allow for immediate family. Bridesmaids will typically be on the front row of the left hand side where the Bride stands, Groomsmen on the right. Depending on the size of the bridal party and seating layout, parents will sit on the front row, if there is not enough room they will sit in the row behind. If you would like to use reserved signs for these why not print out name places to keep consistency within your wedding and stationery style?

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