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Hello everybody, today we’ve decided to share with you a little and super easy DIY so if you’re getting married on a budget, you can make your own decoration and centrepiece!

All flowers (except for the baby’s breath also known as gypsophila) have been found in the nature, so you can do the same just wandering outside picking your favourite colours.


For this DIY you will need :

  • Several types of wild flowers, small ones if possible (here you have gypsophila, bluebells…)
  • Some greenery/foliage (ivy..)
  • Raffia
  • A piece of gunny cloth (jute)
  • A pair of scissors!


For each small bouquet we picked one type of greenery, one or two flowers (one or two colours) and cut out the small leaves on the stem. Take the greenery and put the flowers above them. Grab your scissors and cut a 3″ x 1″ (about 8 cm x 3cm) piece from the jute, then gently take off some of the threads so it looks like in the image below:


Put the jute around the stems and wrap it so it’s holding everything together, then take a piece of raffia, and secure everything with a knot, cut the raffia’s end if there’re too long. And “voilà”! You can now try with several flowers and greenery, we’ve made three different arrangements here and here are some different ways of presenting them on your wedding table, you can also add a name tag, written on Kraft paper or a nice card.












With the same flowers and foliage, you can also create lovely centrepiece, all you need extra is a jam jar, and instead of the stems, it’s the jar you’re wrapping in the jute! For this one we joined our three small arrangements into a big one.

Tip: The stems are not sealed, so for more freshness, and less last minute stress, you can keep all the small bouquets in the water the day before, and they will still be beautiful on your day!



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