Food for thought? Food and drink on a budget

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Look after the pennies and the pounds will count themselves! Here are our three top tips to help you just do that with your wedding catering.

  1. DIY Cakes and treats

Your wedding cake doesn’t have to be overly expensive. If you have a family member or a friend who is a hidden Mary Berry, why not ask them? They would may well be flattered to contribute to your special day in such an unusual way.


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If a traditional wedding cake isn’t your first choice, there are many dessert options that could fill your food table with delicious treats. You could get your guests to bake something and bring it along to the wedding – this could help with dietary requirements if you have guests with allergies or an intolerance as they can bake what they’d be able to eat. It will also bring your guests together and interacting with each other.

Having a small wedding or more intimate wedding? Donuts and cupcakes are a fast-growing trend. There are local bakeries or bigger chains that offer boxes of cupcakes or donuts at a small cost.


  1. Buy alcohol in bulk/ BYO (Bring your own)

Alcohol can be pricey and open bars are a no-go if you’re on a tight budget. If you have the extra space of a shed or garage, take advantage of the seasonal alcoholic offers in your local supermarket. Christmas and New year are a great time of year to grab the offers whilst they’re available. Alcohol doesn’t expire in a hurry so planning can save you the money. You might just have a boozy shed for a couple of months!

PC: Pexels

PC: Pexels

If you haven’t got the space you could ask your guests to kindly BTO (bring their own). This follows the lines of guests bringing their own bakes, it will be a talking point for your guests making it a lovely social event. You could provide ice buckets to keep the beverages cool.


  1. Menu options

Consider what your venue offers you, sometimes you can strike up a deal if you know your numbers. Or opt for BBQ or picnic style food as you can buy the food in bulk and people will have a wider variety to choose from over a sit-down meal.


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Is there a stall at your local market that you love? Market traders could be wanting to grow their business, if you love what they create why not take a risk and see if they’re up for catering your wedding. If you give them plenty of notice they may be able to take on this opportunity. It will give them something for their portfolio and give your wedding a unique stamp.

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