Do we have to give our guests favors?

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‘Do we have to give our guests favors?”


No, Of course not. Wedding favors are a nice way to thank your guests for joining you on your special day, however, they are not a necessity. You’re probably sick of hearing us say this but honestly, it’s completely up to yourselves, it’s your day! You don’t have to follow what everyone else does or what you feel like they think you should do.

Favors may typically be something small, but they can end up adding quite a large expense to your budget depending on what you go for and how many guests you have. Your guests probably wouldn’t bat an eyelid that there isn’t a small glass of whisky or some edible gift at their table setting. Plus, the money you save on favors could go towards another element of your wedding that you would love to have.

If you do decide to have them, make sure it’s something personal and relevant to your wedding and as you as a couple, as well as something that your guests will love and can make use of.

Below we’ve put together a few images of favors our clients and friends have had. Double up your place names as a favor, we love laser cut place names and small log slices from etch+cut which are perfect for this! For the colder months blankets are always a good option, they can be used at the wedding but also taken home. Personalised hot chocolate stirrers which guests can use at the wedding or take home with them. In the summer or for a destination wedding, a personalised fan with a few words of thanks or just simply initials and your wedding date on. Alot of couples are giving to charities that are close to their hearts, Cancer Research UK have a few different options for favors when you make a donation. You can choose from the likes of a cute pin badge or flower seeds.

There are lots of DIY options which can make favors more personal and keep costs down, rope your friends and family in to help create them which gives it even more sentimental value. These pinterest ideas are simple and cost effective. Why not get a family member to bake some cookies for guests to take as a late night snack for the taxi ride home to soak up those few too many gins?!

Favor ideas we love from Pinterest


If there are small children at your wedding, maybe provide an activity they can do whilst at the table to keep them busy! A colouring book or a pack of personalised snap cards would be a great option, and of course some sweeties to satisfy their sweet tooth!

More fab ideas from Pinterest!

If you have a particular theme to your wedding and would love something to reflect that and your personalities but are struggling to come up with the perfect favor, drop us an email we’d love to help!

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