Flat Shoes Selection

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Dancing on your wedding night can be tricky if your wear heels, but for some of us, even walking for an entire day can be hard! So whether you don’t want to wear heels for your wedding day, or just for the evening, we have selected a few flat shoes for you!


Flat shoes selection, embroidered, crochet, gold, silver, rose gold  there are so many delicate/opened shoes if the weather is nice, which is your favourite?!

ASOS Femme Suede Embroidered Tie Leg Sandal £25

ASOS Fossil Tie Leg Flat Sandals         £25

ASOS Farlorn Leather Plaited Sandal £22

ASOS Flaiz Leather Tie Leg Sandal    £22














The weather can be so unexpected in the U.K. so you need to be ready if you want to keep your feet dry! Trainers can be lovely and chic too!

Lipsy Lace Up Ballet Pumps £35.00

ASOS MINTED Flat Shoes £25.00

TOPSHOP CUPID Embroidery Trainers £26.00

Lost Ink Paige Multi Glitter Toe Cap Plimsolls £34.00














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