I Do, Take Two. Reasons To Renew Your Vows.

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Wedding renewals are becoming increasingly popular today, what couple wouldn’t jump at the thought of being able to live out the best day of their lives again?


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You might find yourself asking, why renew? it doesn’t mean your first vows weren’t meaningful, but it can serve as a reminder of what your commitment to each other really means. If you’re considering it and need a little nudge in the right direction continue reading for some great reasons to make you want to say I do all over again.

Celebrating a milestone.

Are you coming up on a 5, 10, or even a 50-year anniversary? If so, your wedding day probably feels like it was a lifetime ago. Renewing your vows can be a way to celebrate everything you’ve faced together as a couple and to say “Here’s to 50 more!”. Vow renewals are an easy way to refresh, celebrate, and in some cases, repair your marriage.

Less stress.

A lot of people renew their vows because this time around they want things to be simple, relaxed and easy. Cutting down to the minimum just you, your partner, the officiant, and a photographer. Having a vow renewal this way creates less stressful memories and more loving ones to carry with you. So this time when you look at your photos, you can remember the love between one and other effortlessly.

Family and children.

Many people renew their vows to relive the memories of their wedding day with their children, as they weren’t here when they initially tied the knot. Reliving the experience with your children and family is one of the best reasons to renew your vows, as it’s a celebration as well as an appreciation for the family that has grown around you since you’ve been married. Giving them the experience they missed out on the first time, so they can  share these memories with you for more years to come.


There are a lot of couples who choose to renew their vows as the first time around they didn’t manage to get together the expenses for the big dream wedding they wanted. Perhaps they got married at a wedding office, but really wanted a beautiful grand hall wedding or a wedding abroad. Now years have passed and they have a more secure budget as a couple, why not renew their vows and have the big day they really wanted?

A celebration of love.

The most popular reason for a vow renewal is that some people want to celebrate their love surviving. Couples tend to have renewals when their relationship survives through some rocky patches (like a near-divorce) and they want to “start over” with their marriage. Reaffirming your commitment to one and other acts as a fresh start for many couples and having a vow renewal is the perfect way to do so.

Pop Up Weddings.

As vow renewal ceremonies are usually low key as it’s the vows that take the main focus, the perfect way to plan a low-key wedding is to have a pop-up wedding. Pop up weddings take away the mountains of wedding planning you may have to face again away and lets you focus on the most important things, such as your love for each other. Simply book a time slot, pick your venue and just show up on the day. Click the above tabs to find out more about Faye Darcy Pop Up Weddings. Thanks for reading x


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