Wedding Entertainment Ideas.

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The entertainment is one of the aspects of your wedding that all of your guests will remember. While discos and jazz bands are classic features of the everyday reception, you shouldn’t feel like obliged to get one just because everyone tends to do so. It’s your day, so don’t be afraid to add something creative and fun. After all, sometimes it’s the most unconventional ideas that everyone will enjoy the most.

If you’re in need of some inspiration take a look at these examples and you might just stumble across something that’s perfect for your big day. Not all of them will suit your theme, but hopefully it’s given you a deeper insight into how much creative freedom you have.

Photo Boothunspecified-7

The Pop Up Photo Booth.

Photo booths are the classic source of entertainment at a wedding. They are so simple to create yourself and cost almost nothing to put together. Here’s a really interesting article on how you can create your own pop up Photo Booth for your big day. Try to think of a hashtag and pop it somewhere on the Photo Booth; i.e. #mrandmrssmith. Having the hashtag means you can collect and find ALL of the photos that people took at your wedding. And they’ll probably post their photo booth pics on social media anyway—so you’ll want them to use your hashtag. The images above were taken at a pop-up wedding of Fayes  by photographer Gavin Forster. Created with a really simple bag of props and large wooden frame, so easy!

Guest Cards.


Giving out interactive cards for your guests to fill out like this example from Flickr, is a great way to get your guests to bond and have fun whilst doing so. Whilst being a fun-filled concept, collecting these after the reception and reading through guests responses will be a nice reminder of your wedding day and possibly something to have a giggle at too.

 Spin The Wheel.


A wedding wheel with fun “prizes” for your guests is a great way to get guests mingling and keeping the children entertained. Hire a giant wheel and create your own game ideas, your guests can take turns to spin the wheel and act out their game or task at their tables.  If you are having a outdoor barn wedding or even a country themed wedding then games like this may be right up your alley.

The Anniversary Piñata.


Creating a piñata for you to break open on your first anniversary filled with notes from your wedding guests is a great way to get guests involved in your big day. Not only will it be a lovely reminder of your wedding for when your first anniversary hits, it allows guests to interact with each other and come up with some fun jokes and phrases about the couple!


Lastly, nobody is ever too old for a bouncy castle. Thanks for reading!

Photo Credits: Flickr

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